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 Post subject: Exercise 1
PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:09 am 

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It is this child who lost their way and you are the one now showing the courage to guide this child, who is you, back to health

I stare at you as a baby. Little do you know what you are in store for…Health problems and abuse problems…You will go through puberty at an early age around grade 3. Your penis will grow to a size that only adults have. You butt will hair up by age 9 and you will be shaving your pubic and butt region by age 10. You will be highly embarrassed in Junior High and they will call you Tarantula because of your hair growth.
Your father will beat the crap out of you until you are eight. But he will pay for a hooker to entertain you at age 16 in Memphis. You won’t sex her but she’ll be on the plate like a big entrée offering. At 20 you will be hosted a large party by your father to have sex with many adult dancers but get into a fight with the guests because you do not like females and eliminate those people in group fights, individual fights and a large fight with 3 actual friends beating the crap out of you to knock you out so that you sleep.
Your mother abusing you is a mystery..You have blocked too much of that out. But due to your developed size her friends will molest and get you sexually active with their forty year old bodies or thirty year old bodies. The friends offer you marihuana to give oral sex and use your organs on them.
Your parents will hire baby sitters and you will be molested by them before age 7 both anally, orally and you will taste your first vagina from the English babysitter. The neighbor next door was too painful after he tied you up and you don’t remember fully what happened. But you do remember your butt being orally and digitally abused.
Perhaps you will reflect on fond memories of Jon-Jon the Philippine kid you fell in love with at age 7 while watching together his mother’s playgirl magazine…A weird age for sex but his mother only minded when she caught you two.
Perhaps I can warn you to avoid your great aunt. She is a horny old lady that will molest and have you sex her while drinking at her house. Your uncle did not mind but your aunt was not related to you by blood. She started this when you were twelve and caught you doing dress up and doctor with your friend next door Tina at age 11. It’s sad to drink and not remember much but you will not. After your uncle dies at a later age she will appear in front of you naked while you ask her a question and the door wide open and her labials practically hanging to the ground. At this time you are disgusted and repulsed at age 20 by the female body and only return on occasion.
Honestly you spent a lot of your mid-youth wasted chasing young guys and their families. Thus your first family sex romp. Please avoid David from across the street in D*******. His father comes over to confront you and winds up being the man who takes your anal virginity. All hail the captain from me at age 9.
Please do not get Billy and the pack of kids to help you rape Terri (female) one day. Her Greek brothers will come and rape you to teach you a lesson and you will be more addicted to men than women. This is not the way to spend your 10th year of age.
Please do not get Billy and Chris to help have sex with your own brother. Although you did not touch him you watched Chris have sex with him at age 12 while Chris was only 10 and your brother was 7. You are diseased at this point and need to back away from sexual activity.
And for f*()*’s sake do not Let Johnny and Billie (brothers) have sex in front of you at your home in A****. The younger brother kills himself out of guilt even though it all seemed so normal that day in the garage. Also avoid Markee he was a plant and his parents wanted you to join them in bed at age 13 because of your SIZE.
Please pursue these people if you are going to be gay pick Scott. He is a nice guy and comes to look you up in A***** while you are in O**** at age 14. You have an affair with him and even have to watch him get sexed by his step father one day. Also Ray in the shed; he wanted you and turned gay later in life. He died of Aids during the Mid eighties maybe you could have saved him but no one was practicing safe sex back then.
Be careful of the K***** 4 doors down. The son Michael will sex his sister and ejaculate in her at age 15. She gets pregnant by her own brother..You were there that night. Sucking Michael’s penis till it got hard. It is not pretty what happens later.
God there are so many things I want to tell you but this is only Lesson one and I think that is enough problems for one day. Take care my child, it’s going to be rough.

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