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gatorbait self-help recovery thread - Lesson 5
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Author:  gatorbait [ Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  gatorbait self-help recovery thread - Lesson 5

These Lessons are an eye opener to just how far I have isolated myself with my sexual addiction. I have no friends. Not because I'm not good looking or I'm not personable but they could never know my secret. They could never be allowed close enough. I also pushed my wife away in the same fashion. I built a partition in my mind between my marriage and my addiction treating them as two separate lives. I have few emotions... not sad, not happy, just here. A walking ID. I refined my list Values list to what I feel most affects me and offers me the best chance to regain who I once was and want to be again.

Making true and lasting friendships
Integrity that is deep to my core
Living my life guilt free
Ability to be intimate with another
Ability to love and receive love again
Ability to be honest with myself
Being "urge proof"
Being inspired
Free from partitions to hide aspects of my life from self and others
Doing all that I do with a clear conscience.
Meaning in life
Feeling strong from the inside out
Inspiring others
Good physical health

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