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 Post subject: Chapter 13 by lohananth
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II. Consider the values that surround both your healthy and unhealthy patterns. Are they consistent with your current prioritized values? If yes, wonderful. If not, how might this awareness alter how you are currently perceiving/managing your recovery? Share your thoughts in the community forum.
1.hyper-religiosity and hyper-recovery

(a)They often jump from addiction to addiction, and are particularly susceptible to hyper-religiosity and hyper-recovery. They put out fires by refocusing on other areas of their life. When these areas involve compulsive behavior — their use of addiction to manage their lives continues.
(b)They often attempt to convince others of their recovery by offering their "new identity" as proof. Again, most often seen with hyper-religiosity and hyper-recovery situations.

Values associated with pattern-1
Consciousness is the value I am binding with hyper-religiosity and hyper-recovery.I will use my consciousness to overcome hyper-religiosity and hyper-recovery


(a)They believe that they are defective in the sense that their emotions, urges, impulses, etc. are experienced with much more intensity than "normal people". And this puts them at a disadvantage for living a "normal life".

(b)They tend to confuse addiction recovery with general mental health issues — creating a hypersensitivity to all of the emotions that they experience. Depression, anxiety, anger — they are all tightly related to "recovery" and an imbalance in one often leads to an imbalance in the other.

I am using my values Emotion stability whenever i feel i am not a normal person and when i Feel Depression,anxiety and anger

3.Relapse triggers are feared, and so their lives continue to be altered as a result of addiction.

i will use my Values 'learning JavaScript, a computer programming language' to overcome Relapse triggers

4.They tend to focus on controlling past behavior, rather than learning new behavior.
the values Introvert will be used to guide my behavior.i will ask to myself what i did in the past when

this behiour and now what i should do overcome my behavior so that i life will become more healthy

Pattern 5

5.They tend to see life in episodes — with beginnings and endings — rather than as a process.

The Values 'learn' will be used to overcome the pattern life is process not a beginning or ending.

pattern 6.

They consistently measure the success of their recovery through abstinence, rather than emotional stability and personal satisfaction.

i will use the result of emotional mutuality to know about abstinence.

Early Recovery: "Understanding/Recognizing the Behavior"
1.In early recovery, individuals often experience significant doubts relating to their ability to change.
I will use the VALUES willpower to overcome my Doubts relating to their ability to change
2.In early recovery, extremely negative emotions are the norm: especially as they relate to depression, anxiety, hopelessness and suicide.
I will use the VALUES EMOTIONAL STABILITY to overcome extremely negative emotions
3.In early recovery, they tend to experience relief in having their behaviors understood, and immediately seek understanding in all areas of their life. Unfortunately, this tends to overwhelm them, distract them, etc., but it is fairly common...and a good sign that their desire to change is sincere.
I will use the value CONSCIOUSNESS to overcome my overwhelm behaviors.

4.In early recovery, they tend to explore many different trigger situations to see how well they can handle themselves. To see "how far they have come". This is a behavior that is often witnessed in adolescent wound care — where the adolescent almost compulsively tears open their bandages to "check the wounds". Of course, just like with addiction, such behavior is often problematic — as it opens the individual up to additional infection. But it is a behavior that provides comfort to the adolescent — no matter what stage of healing the wound may be in.

The VALUES SELF-CONTROL will be used to overcome the patten-4 to see how i have come from the addition

Middle Recovery : "Actual Recovery"
1.Relapse triggers are experienced not as a threat, but an opportunity.
the values LEARN and INTROVERT will be used to overcome the triggers and consider as an opportunity to overcome the addition
2.They will take a long, hard look at anything associated with their destructive past, and will voluntarily make the decision to remove these objects from their life. This refers to pornography, Internet accounts, etc. It does not necessarily refer to affairs where real feelings were experienced/exchanged.
The values Resilience will be used by me to overcome my destructive past and voluntarily to rmake the decision to remove pornography,Internet accounts,etc

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Have you posted this in your recovery thread?

If you can, develop your answers a bit---two to three more sentences per answer. You want to have a complete answer so you can refer to the specifics later on. Keep up the good work.

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