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Author:  StrivingForHealth [ Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Lesson 23

In your recovery thread, share a brief summary of what practical uses the skill of measuring compulsive rituals can have in your recovery. Don't just copy the headings of this lesson, take a minute to see how you can practically use this information in YOUR life.

Measuring rituals help me to see how the rituals work in a functional way
to stimulate my emotions, not just on the level of the entire ritual but
the individual elements one by one. This will help me to be aware that using the rituals
is a tool to manage my emotions. This awareness will help break the trance like state
and give me increased self-awareness and agency, and the ability to break out of a ritual
before it gets going.

Also measuring rituals will enable me to predict the emotional stimulation
from possible future actions I could take. This will help in the fantasy/role playing
that I will use in relapse prevention (Lessons 60 and 61).

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