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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:34 pm 

Joined: Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:01 am
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You're the only one I've ever kissed.
The only one I've ever missed.
Whilst we were apart
You even inspired my art,
But what I don't understand
So maybe give me a hand
Or you might end up a bit lonely
This situation is quite shoddy
Because you want to be the only
person who has ever seen my body
Whilst wanting the freedom to look everywhere else too,
Because I'm confining you?

Don't get me wrong
This shouldn't take too long.
I want you to be my only
But I want to be your only too.
And what?
I'm just suppose to pray that you won't look the other way?
That you'll have respect
And not object.
So, you don't need to have a plan?
Just because you're a man.

But not all men are like you
They don't all do the things you do.
Surely that must be true?
Because if not who
Will treat the opposite sex
With some goddamn respect?
Who when they say they'll stay
Won't just insist to pay
And then entice you in with loving remarks,
Make you think there's passionate sparks
When after all it's just a power struggle
And everything is in a muddle
Because you see, I didn't realise it was a contest
I didn't choose to try be the best.

This hypocrisy which you dominate
With your fancy talks all about fate
Whilst trying out every type of cake
And expecting me just to wait.
After all I must understand
I'm very bland
And you're just a man
And in your mind
You have needs sometimes
Which I can't fulfil
Because that would take effort like walking uphill.
Instead you've hindered your health
Because you've conditioned yourself
To be selfish
Imagining your little miss
As you masturbate to porn
Even though you were sworn
By the words that you said
It just doesn't make sense in my head
But I guess now I see
It wasn't meant to be
Because you were always lying to me
You were just ticking boxes for ideality
Because I'm suppose to become your humble wife
You even said through Christ?
But of course this shouldn't be an issue
As you finish yourself with a tissue
It must be bliss
To have it all
Enjoy the fall.

You made me believe I could be your wife
That we would have a life
It didn't occur to me whether
It could all be a lie
And you would just say goodbye
Because my body isn't satisfying enough for you
And our love was never true.

I've always been wondering why I'm not good enough
And even after going through all this stuff
Have you never wondered if one day
I could just go away
Find someone that'll treat me in a better way.
That will say
That I am enough
Even though this world is tough
That they want to stick it through
And everything they say is true
I may not know about who
But one thing I'm sure I do
I will love them more than you.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:33 am 

Joined: Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:22 am
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That's a heart felt poem, and sums up our situations well
That just about conveys how I have felt for a long time
I wish I could show my husband that,seeing how he has always felt the need to write poems about his fantasy women and infactuations.. I know he wouldn't read it though.

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