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Author:  manbehinfthebar54 [ Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  my recovery thread

im very glad i found this website granted i never acknowledged to myself that i truely had a problem until ihit rock bottom and looked for the tools to help me get through this thank you recovery nation


1. i want to commit to this change. to make myself a better person and a better lover. someone for others to look up to.
2. i feel guilty about my addiction it has hurt me and the ones i care about i will not let anything sabbatoge my commitment to recovery
3. i have the rest of my life to commit to recovering from my addiction


1. stop hurting and holding myself back
2. stop hurting the ones i care about
3. to live a full and productive life free of this addiction
4. so i can be devoted and open to my partner
5. i can give more and be selfish less
6. so i can be who i thot i would be when i was young
7. stop taking the easy way out
8. so i can have pride in who i am
9. to not feel shame when ever i look into the eyes of my loved ones
10. so my family well be proud of who i am
11. so i can reconnect with my family

C. at first i hurt and cried. seeing my face so young with such a pure smile holding my favorite toy at the time. sitting next to my little sister.
knowing thats all that mattered to me. i wanted that feeling back. and then i started to feel happy remembering how i felt when i was so young.

2nd excersice

i want to be commited to my partner. the story she told me so many times. of her uncle who saw her aunt for the first time and wrote her a letter
confessing how he had fallen for her the second he saw her. promised never to hurt her. support her. love her withh all his being. i know this is
unachievable as of now but it inspired me to make this commitment to change. i see myself 10 yrs from now smiling at eachother across the dinner
table talking about how are days were. i feel selfish for not letting her be wih her friends and wanting her to be there with me everyday i dont want
that anymore. i want her to go have a girls night out while the guys and i are hanging out watching the game. i want to proove to this remarkable woman
who has been through so much trauma in her life but has managed to come out so strong. that i am commited to her. love her so deeply. care for her so truely.
i want to travel the world and see and experience things that i never thought i would. i want to take over the family buisness and make it into something
better and bigger.

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