Jonathan Marsh November 27, 1964 - May 2, 2009

Husband, Father, Counselor, Coach, Writer, Mentor, Friend.

These are just a few words to describe who Jon was. He has touched thousands of lives in so many different ways it would take pages to list them all. Those of us on RN came here for help. What we received was a whole lot more. Not only did Jon write the lessons from his own experience of ridding himself of addiction, he was always looking for ways to improve and add things to help us even more. His words of wisdom showed his great insight into people and his encouragement gave us all something positive to look forward to. He spent so much of his time on RN. Jon always said this was not a Job for him it was his life and his legacy. His wife Chsristy and his children sacrificed their time with him to give us the help we needed and those that come in the future. We will miss him with all our hearts. We will mourn him for the wonderful person he was. And we will continue on in the direction he pointed to as he would have wanted us to.

If we look at the mission statement and beliefs of Recovery Nation we can get a full picture of what Jon succeeded bringing into this world. As his legacy he will continue to reach more people with all that he gave while he was with us.

We love you and miss you Jon.

Our Mission
The mission of Recovery Nation is to provide the most effective information, tools and training available to those seeking to end their destructive sexual and/or romantic behavior. Additionally, to educate those affected by such addictions in the processes of understanding, healing and prevention.

Our Beliefs
We know that the core of sexual addiction is not found in the rapists, stalkers and molesters so horrifically displayed in the headlines, but more so in the loving fathers, mothers, sons and daughters found in every profession, every religion, every economic status and every society.

We believe that when it comes to addiction recovery, achieving abstinence is not enough. Ultimately, recovery is not about behavioral change, it is about making fundamental changes in the way one manages his/her life. It involves a process of altering one's core identity so that a life can be led based on values and healthy life management skills, rather than emotional gratification and deception.

Recovery Nation believes that a healthy, fulfilling life is attainable to anyone committed to ending the destructive patterns associated with sexual and/or love addiction. It is our belief that addiction is not a fate that must be fulfilled, but a pattern that can be changed. That taking responsibility for one’s decisions, and taking pride in one’s actions is a necessary part of living a healthy, fulfilling life. That making the transition to a healthy life requires the mastering of a series of basic life management skills (e.g. emotional management, decision making, goal setting, prioritization, time management and most importantly, value management). That the effects of addiction on one’s core identity evolve from life long patterns of misperception and misinformation, rather than from reality--and so the development of an accurate awareness of ones' core identity is critical to transitioning into a healthy life.

From the Community

I can honestly say that through our work at RN--and ultimately Coach Jon's wisdom and guidance--that our lives were literally saved. I hope I can say the same about my relationship with Patty in the months to come. - imustchange

You started by dancing alone but you finished by showing us all how to dance together. We can never thank you enough. - bjswife and KiwiWinner

I think that will be the most important lesson of all...that we have the power to live the life that we want, through our decisions and actions. What a great role model we had. And how lucky we are that he left behind such wonderful gifts. - Coach Pilar

Please find comfort in knowing his legacy will live on forever, in many forms and ways and most certainly in my heart. For it was Jon Marsh who helped me see what was missing in my life, so that I could change my core identity, respect myself and become a man worthy of being loved. - Iwillchangenow

My husband and I truly loved and respected this man of Such High Integrity and Compassion for thousands who needed him, on a daily basis and the love that he gave through cyber space, so deeply that we could feel not even being in he presence. - Iswear and Icanbebetter