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Author:  YankeeBob [ Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Reading Forum Rules

Hello everyone. My name is Bob and I am a sexual addict.

That is I have suffered from compulsive masterbation, sexual fantasies, thrill of seducing women, and a range of other behaviours that are far from healthy.

For the last eight years I have been learning to examine my thoughts ( and interrupt unhealthy ones ), and halt my behaviours, and try to understand what I am feeling and how to deal with these feelings.

I am not cured. However there has been substantial progress.

After being away from RN for a couple of years last night I got on the site. And I guess that I must have answered four or more unanswered posts, and checked all my old messages and responded to about four people.

This morning I had three alerts on my hotmail account. And so I have been to this site again.

One reply cautioned me that I had responded to a Partner's Recovery Thread and that is against policy. I responded with an apology ( should I have done that or sent a private message or not done anything ).

It then occured to me "Do I know all the rules for this site?" Since I didn't know the answer I came here.

And there was an important rule "don't do more than two emails a day......internet is addictive".

So to all of you out there ....I apologise. I continue to make mistakes....I did yesterday....and I did today ....until now.

Thanks for letting me share.

Take care. Be well.

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