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reminder of the forum rules and guidelines
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Author:  Kenzo [ Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:58 am ]
Post subject:  reminder of the forum rules and guidelines

Recently there has been a number of posts in some of our forums that contravene the rules and guidelines as set out by Coach Jon in order to preserve the sanctity of the programme and its participating members

Now no real harm done as most of these contraventions have been well meant, however as a reminder please see the summary below

Posting is encouraged and should have an addiction / emotion related purpose

Posting in the personal threads of others is restricted to Mentors and Coaches

When posting in the community forum have a Purpose for Your topic and or questions / responses, be supportive and avoid potential triggering comments

Cross posting into the community threads is restricted by invitation eg “both sides welcome”

When posting in the community forum, advice, insights and suggestions made should be done so in an effort to support and educate, relating back to the original inquiry. If you wish to have a conversation about a new subject that comes up within a discussion, please start a “new topic” for that purpose.

Share and learn from your experiences and the experiences of others within our communities

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