Comprehensive Sexual Addiction Screening and Assessment

For those in a self-guided recovery:

Step One: Click here to learn all you need to know about screening yourself for addiction

For those in personal coaching:

The information collected by the following instruments will be used in coaching to help define your existing personal, social and sexual values; your existing boundaries, your personal strengths and weaknesses, your compulsive rituals and patterns, etc. This information will also be used to prioritize recovery goals, project the most efficient path for transitioning to health and, to use in measuring progress and change. It is CRITICAL that you complete each of these instruments with absolute honesty, though you do not need to complete them all at one sitting.

Step One: The Sexual Screening Inventory (approx time: 30-60 minutes) *

Step Two: The Sexual Health Assessment (approx time: 30-75 minutes)*

Step Three: Sexual Deviancy Awareness (approx time: 15-120 minutes)*

*Completion times are dependent on the extent and/or severity of your behaviors

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