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Recovery Nation offers over-the-phone coaching for those seeking a more personalized, professionally-supported healing effort. Partner's coaching offers participants a structured approach to building the tools necessary for regaining control and stability in the wake of the discovery of another's addiction. The goal of this program is to meet YOUR primary healing needs; not to play second-fiddle to his recovery.

The Complete Coaching Package for Partners include the following:

  • Live Coaching Series (12 personal phone sessions with one of our Professional Partner's Coach to focus on your personal healing and if desired, understanding your partners' addiction; sessions typically 1x/week, each lasting 45-60 minutes)
  • Prioritized Coaching in Private Forum (all lesson responses will be reviewed by your Coaching Supervisor)
  • Audio Coaching Series (to fully understand addiction and the recovery process)

This private, confidential coaching offers what the workshop cannot--personalized guidance and support as you heal in the wake of another's addiction.

The Complete Coaching Package for Partners ($499)

This package is ideal for those who want professional guidance in developing all of the areas introduced in the coaching agenda--as well as for those seeking prioritized forum responses, professional accountability and addiction-related crisis-management. Additionally, we will ensure the tools you are developing are useful to you in your day-to-day life.

Individual Coaching Sessions ($45/session)

This is ideal for those who have begun the workshop and seek personal guidance with only one or two areas of development. For instance, let's say you have completed the lessons on developing personal boundaries but find yourself unable to apply the concepts directly to your life. Having a single coaching session on boundaries will allow you to work through those issues. Or, should you want a thorough review of your reactive action plans--with personal help in expanding and ingraining them--this option allows you to do that without having to go through the entire coaching process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Coaching

  • What should I expect?

    Personal coaching involves you and your Coaching Supervisor working together to help you rebuild YOUR life. This coaching is not about focusing on your partner and his/her addiction, it is about understanding the effects of that addiction on you and healing the damage that has been done.

  • When would I start?

    As soon as possible. On some occasions, initial coaching sessions can be made the same day you register. If it is a weekend, evening or holiday, we will ask you to provide some days and times when you are available (at your earliest convenience) to have our initial session.

    Upon receiving your registration, you will receive an email from your Coaching Supervisor welcoming you and providing you with 'the next steps' for scheduling your first session.

  • How long does coaching usually last?

    Typically, the eight sessions with CoachPilar are scheduled once a week over a two month period. However, you may schedule them as often as you would like. For example, if you are having a difficult time, you might want to schedule a session before the next week. Also, some participants like to save their eighth session for a month or so following the seventh session, to use as a "check up".

  • How do we engage in the live coaching?

    This is most frequently done over the phone. We use an Internet-based phone service so that all of our calls remain toll free and thus, reduces the costs for all of us. You, however, may use your regular phone.

  • How do I register?

    Click here to select and purchase a Partner's Coaching Option

Partner's Professional Coaching Agenda (example)

Session 1

Understand aspects of the healing process and the tools presented in the workshop
Assess degree of trauma (and take immediate action if necessary)
Layout a personal healing path and introduce personal coaching page
To be completed prior to session: Lesson 1

Session 2: Your Values: the Foundation of Your Healing

Define sources of personal value
Assess current state of values and the effects of addiction on value system
Balancing your value system
Creating actions plans to address neglected values
Begin self monitoring of values, introduce monitoring form on coaching page
To be completed prior to session: Lessons 2-5

Session 3: Using your Emotions

Acknowledging and accepting all emotions
Understand the relationship between emotions and the health of your values
Evaluate reactions to emotional situations
Create reactive action plans based on value system
Add emotional monitoring to coaching page

Session 4: Mastering Your Boundaries

Evaluate existing boundaries around your own behaviors and the behaviors of others
Recognize effects of your partner's addiction on your boundaries
Creating and communicating boundaries
Understanding where you have control: how to effectively enforce boundaries
Add boundary monitoring to coaching page

Session 5: Values-based decision making

Introduction to making values-based decisions
How to prioritize values in specific situations
Strategies for dealing with emotional triggers/emotional reactions

Session 6: Trust, Intuition, and Self-confidence

Understand honesty as a value and a skill
Regaining trust in your intuition
Regaining confidence in your own life management skills

Session 7: Being the partner of someone in recovery

Applying knowledge gained about SA to your partner
Discuss strategies for coping with the ups and downs of recovery
Accepting the past and focusing on your present and future
What forgiveness means to you

Session 8: Ingraining new skills: a comprehensive self monitoring plan

Prepare for the months ahead
Anticipate triggers for slipping into old patterns
Assessing and appreciating personal growth
Create a monitoring worksheet on your coaching page

Additional Sessions: Created/Scheduled As Necessary

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