(Part 1 of the Comprehensive Assessment for Coaching)

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1. Social settings make me uncomfortable.   
2. I sometimes feel guilty after masturbating.     
3. I would describe myself as a hopeless romantic.   
4. I have never cheated on a romantic partner.     
5. My sexual urges are sometimes hard to control.   
6. I have been described as obsessive by a romantic partner.     
7. I believe I was emotionally neglected as a child.   
8. I have viewed pornography on the internet in the past month.
9. I was physically abused as a child.  
10. Sex should occur only between two people married to each other.      
11. I have masturbated seven times or more in the past week.      
12. I sometimes find physical pain to be sexually pleasurable.      
13. Romantic partners have described me as "too possessive".  
14. I have fantasized about being raped.  
15. I was raised in a very strict household.      
16. I believe I am addicted to sex.     
17. I tend to be a jealous person.    
18. I have engaged in sexual activities with an animal.     
19. I enjoy being sexually stimulated.   
20. I have masturbated more than once in the past year.   
21. The thought of masturbating in a public place excites me.   
22. I am ashamed of past sexual behaviors.     
23. Pornography has had a destructive effect on my life.   
24. I have never been accused of stalking.   
25. I have spent more than four hours in online chat rooms in the past week.   
26. I have seen a young child naked.   
27. I have never had an orgasm with a partner.   
28. My parents were verbally abusive to me.   
29. I have fantasized about raping someone.   
30. Exposing my genitalia to strangers excites me.     
31. I enjoy watching others perform sexual acts.   
32. I have been to a strip club three times or more in the past year.  
33. I fantasize about sex.   
34. My sexual and/or romantic behavior has caused problems at work.  
35. I believe strongly in "love-at-first-sight".  
36. I have had to deal with some terrible things in my life.  
37. Sexually, I think there is something wrong with me.   
38. I have had problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling.  
39. There are times when having sex with someone I care about feels disgusting to me.  
40. It is possible to love someone that you've never met.   
41. I have a secret sexual life that few people, if any, know about.  
42. I am a very romantic person.  
43. I have made romantic/sexual passes at people that I shouldn't have.   
44. I have had sex with someone on the same day that I met them.   
45. I have had sexual thoughts involving children.   
46. I have accepted money for performing sexual acts.    
47. It is wrong to have sex on a first date.  
48. Pictures of sexually graphic material excite me.   
49. Meeting new friends is easy for me.  
50. I have juggled three or more romantic relationships at the same time.     
51. Masturbating is more satisfying to me than sex.   
52. I have intentionally harmed an animal.   
53. Humiliation can be sexually stimulating for me.   
54. I am a recovering sexual addict.     
55. I have masturbated an animal out of curiosity.  
56. I like my sexual partner to be domineering.   
57. I have paid someone to perform sexual acts on or around me.   
58. I have watched others undress without their permission.     
59. I have used threats or coercion to keep others from talking about something I have done.  
60. I have never intentionally stimulated my sexual organs.   
61. One or both of my parents have had sexual problems.   
62. I have never touched a family member in a sexual way.     
63. I have had sex with someone without their permission.   
64. I have sought counseling for emotional or behavioral problems.   
65. I have hid in concealed places to see someone undress.   
66. I have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.     
67. I have been threatened with, or have had a restraining order filed against me.   
68. I have difficulty trusting my romantic partners.   
69. My family has suffered because of my sexual behaviors.  
70. Masturbating is something I look forward to when I'm stressed.   
71. I have had unprotected sex with more than one person in the past five years.   
72. I have had suicidal thoughts due to my sexual behavior.   
73. Using alcohol and/or drugs enhances my sexual experiences.   
74. I have been involved in relationships that my partner or I had wanted to keep secret.  
75. I have participated in sexual acts that are illegal.   
76. I need help controlling my sexual behaviors.   
77. People sometimes misinterpret my friendly romantic gestures.   
78. I have made a conscious effort to control my sexual activity in the past.     
79. Friends have shown concern over my sexual behavior.  
80. Very few people truly understand me.   
81. Wearing clothes of the opposite sex arouses me.   
82.  I have followed people I'm attracted to without their knowledge.      
83. I have had sexual thoughts about children I know.   
84. I avoid movies/television shows with nudity in them.   
85. Past sexual/romantic behaviors have caused problems at work/school.   
86. I have spent $50 or more on phone sex lines over the past year.    
87. Death is sexually arousing to me.   
88. I have always been sexually healthy.   
89. I have injured myself while masturbating.   
90. The consequences of my past sexual behavior has left me ashamed.     
91. I have never been arrested.   
92. My sexual behaviors have occasionally led to violence.    
93. I have waited in hiding for over an hour to see someone naked.  
94. My life would be devastated if my sexual secrets were ever discovered.  
95. I enjoy watching animals engaged in sexual activity.   
96. I have never been attracted to someone younger than myself.   
97. Intercourse is more satisfying to me than masturbation.   
98. I have at least one pornographic magazine/movie in my home.     
99. I have had unprotected sex with someone I barely knew.   
100. "Falling in love" seems to happen easily for me.   
101. I am/have been a member of a sexually-oriented Internet site.   
102. Sometimes, I feel like I was born the wrong sex.    
103. I have sought professional help for my sexual behavior.   
104. I continue to engage in illegal sexual activity.   
105. I have masturbated while driving a moving vehicle.   
106. Others have voiced concern about my sexual behavior.     
107. I was raised in a strictly religious environment.   
108. Performing sexual acts in dangerous settings excites me.   
109. Violence sometimes enhances my sexual experiences.   
110. Certain inanimate objects (shoes, panties, money, etc.) arouse me.   
111. I have listened to others engaged in sexual acts without their knowledge.   
112. There are times when a woman says no to sex, when she really means yes.   
113. I have secretly gathered information on someone I'm attracted to.   
114. I have unintentionally frightened others by my romantic gestures.     
115. To be considered rape, penile penetration must be involved.   
116. I have/have had a sexually transmitted disease.   
117. I have been directly involved in at least two abortions.  
118. I have used borrowed/stolen objects to enhance masturbation (including panties, bras, etc).     
119. I have used surveillance/video equipment to monitor the sexual behavior of others.   
120. I have tried to abstain from certain sexual behaviors, but failed.   
121. I have had strong romantic feelings for people I have never met.   
122. It feels good to intentionally inflict pain on myself or my partner.     
123. Occasionally, I enjoy blindfolding/tying up my sexual partners.   
124. I have been involved in at least one unplanned pregnancy.   
125. As long as all parties consent, all sexual behavior is acceptable.   
126. I have close friends that I interact with on a daily basis.     
127. I have secretly sought personal information on someone I'm attracted to.   
128. I have had sex with more than two people in the past six months.   
129. Sex seems to be more important to me than it does to my partners.   
130. I have never had a fantasy involving rape.     
131. I have intentionally exposed my genitalia without the viewer's consent.   
132. I have intentionally limited my oxygen intake to intensify an orgasm.     
133. My social relationships have suffered because of my sexual behavior.   
134. Feelings are more important than age in a romantic relationship.  
135. I have photographed/filmed my own body for the sexual gratification of others.   
136. I have gone to public places looking for sex (e.g. bathrooms, parks).   
137. I enjoy inflicting physical pain while performing sexual acts.   
138. I have had sexual contact with a child under the age of thirteen.  
139. I have had no sexual problems in the past two years.    
140. I have never cheated on a romantic partner.   
141. I have attended a twelve-step program to try and understand my sexual behavior.   
142. It is difficult for me to achieve orgasm with a partner.     
143. I have been with a sexual partner who was at least ten years older or younger than me.   
144. I have written intimate letters to people I didn't know very well.  
145. I feel that men are superior to women.   
146. At least once, I should have stopped my sexual advances, but didn't.     
147. I have relied upon alcohol/drugs to lower my sexual partner's inhibitions.   
148. I always fulfill my sexual partner's needs before my own.   
149. Sometimes, I feel disgust when my romantic partner tries to touch me.   
150. Sexual issues have led to my becoming depressed on more than one occasion.     
151. Sometimes, I go out looking to find new sexual partners.   
152. I have participated in sexual activity that I am ashamed of.   
153. I have participated in sexual behavior at work that, if caught, would have gotten me into serious trouble.   
154. It is important to me to make members of the opposite sex others feel special.     
155. I have had two or more sexual partners in the same day.   
156. I am in a helping profession with direct human contact (e.g. counseling, clergy, teaching).    
157. I have considered self-mutilation as a way of controlling my sexual behaviors.   
158. I have intentionally worn sexually revealing clothes around strangers.     
159. I have had an affair with a married person in the past two years.   
160. Sometimes, I reward myself by engaging in sexual activity.   
161. My romantic partners tend to fall deeply in love with me.   
162. I believe I have an addictive personality.     
163. I need to be in control over my partner's sexual activity.   
164. Sexual behavior has sometimes led me to thoughts of suicide.   
165. I have never felt, or no longer feel, close to my family.   
166. I believe that I have a "soul mate".   
167. I am usually in online chat rooms more than twice a week.      
168. I have masturbated an animal to make them feel good.   
169. There have been times that I have regretted having sexual relations with someone.  
170. I have disguised myself to gain access to places I shouldn't have been.  
171. I have purchased surveillance equipment to secretly monitor others.     
172. I have told at least two people in my life that they were my "soul mate".   
173. I have had several sexually transmitted diseases in my life.  
174. I cannot stand small-talk in social settings. Conversations should be meaningful.    
175. Though I love my partner and don't want to lose them, I continue to have affairs.    
176. My life would be much happier if I could somehow remove my sexual desire.    
177. In the past year, I have masturbated more than once on the same day.    

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