About Recovery Nation

Recovery Nation is an active recovery and healing community that provides free information and assistance to those seeking to change the role that the sex/love addictions have played in their life. While originally developed in 2001 as a community education site for those with sexual addictions, Recovery Nation has since expanded its services to the partners of those struggling with such behavior as well. Soon, it will be further expanding its services to couples, parents and clinicians.

RN is a privately funded site that is developed/maintained solely through donations, site services, book sales and volunteers. All of the tools available are available free to those who have a sincere need for them. The workshops, the forums, the support groups, the checklists, the managers...they exist to help people help themselves.

This site is not for everyone...

This cannot be over-emphasized. The information and strategies employed at RN will not apply to everyone with an addiction, nor will they apply to every partner of a sexual addict. But in having been introduced to tens of thousands of people over the past five years, it does apply to most. Also important to understand is that RN does not focus on inducing someone's motivation to recover, nor is it about convincing someone that healing a relationship damaged by sexual addiction is possible. If you are not already motivated to recover, you shouldn't be here. The information is powerful when embraced by those actively applying it to the goal of recovery. If they are not already working towards that goal with sincerity, there is nothing here that will guide them onto that path.

Similarly, if you are here to determine whether or not your relationship is salvageable...well, that is a legitimate reason for being here ‹smile›...but don't focus on the answer. Instead, put that question on hold and focus instead on learning about sexual addiction and the truth about what you will likely face in whatever decisions you may make down the road. With your partner or without. Do this with an open-mind...not with the intention of trying to close your mind.

As stated previously, RN exists to educate those who are sincerely trying to help themselves. It has been estimated that there are between 16-21.5 million sexual addicts in the United States (Stanford, Duchesne, MSNBC 2001 — I think). We actively work with about fifty at any given time. Do the math. It is critical that the people we work with actually WANT to be here. And that they WANT to recover and/or heal. There are plenty of other options available for the other 21.499999999 million people whose recovery is not predicated on active effort and commitment. Here, it is.

Permanent recovery can occur. Permanent healing can occur. Relationships can be rebuilt stronger than ever after the discovery of an addiction. Each has its own transition that must occur for permanent change to take place. This site's purpose is to educate people on how to do just that. Not to counsel them. Not to support them (though this is a good secondary benefit of the site). But rather, to educate them through their transition from addiction to health. Or from chaos to stability. Or from disillusionment to reality.

We would rather have a community of ten active people pushing themselves towards health than to manage a community of thousands taking a passive approach to change. So if you are going to be here, be here fully. Participate fully. Recognize that Recovery Nation is no longer an 'outside source' in your recovery and/or healing. It is YOUR personal resource, to use as you see fit in rebuilding your life. That is why we exist.

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