What are your rules for confidentiality?

The following are Recovery Nation's policies on confidentiality:

  • This is an Internet-based site that is openly-accessed by the public. Do not post any personally-identifying information on this site. This includes your name, spouses name, children's names, place of employment, etc. You must protect your identity in public forums by not sharing that identity openly.
  • Do not share any personally-identifying information on this site (e.g. phone numbers, addresses, etc.) with other members of the site. Many come here seeking help for issues involving obsessiveness/compulsiveness and/or a variety of socially destructive behavior (such as stalking). This makes the sharing of contact information a potential nuisance at best; and potentially dangerous at worst. Don't do it. There should be no personal contact outside of the forums between those in recovery and anyone except the coaching staff here at RN. The exception to this is when that communication is solicited between partners (i.e. partner to partner; not partner to individual in recovery).
  • When selecting a User Name, do so with the understanding that others will be reading what you write. If your partner knows that you use a particular user name online and your goal is to remain completely anonymous...well, do the math.
  • All correspondence (including email addresses) with RecoveryNation will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be released to anyone with the following exceptions:
    • You are currently engaging in felony behavior that victimizes others (e.g. child pornography, rape, etc.)
    • You are voicing active suicidal and/or homicidal ideation
  • In such cases, we will do everything within our power to assist law enforcement to protect the safety of others. However, do not let this stop you from seeking help on this site. While having to protect those who are being victimized, we at the same time recognize and respect the courage that you have shown to seek help and will do all that we can to ensure that you get it. Maintain your anonymity and pursue real change in your life.

Public vs Private Site

Recovery Nation is a private site that reserves the right to modify, delete or otherwise edit any post of a destructive and/or inflammatory nature, or that lacks any substantive educational value to others. All posts become the intellectual property of RecoveryNation for the purpose of providing healthy, comprehensive insight to others seeking help. The deleting/editing of these posts will be at the sole discretion of the RecoveryNation forum moderators, Recovery Coaches and/or site administrators — but at no time will editing alter the original premise of the post.

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