Why is Everything Free?

Well, first...not everything is free. This site was developed as a privately-funded gift to society and has evolved through the donations of those it has served. There are some resources that because of the personal investment (professional coaching; audio workshop files) and/or financial investment (recovery manager; recovery checklist), necessitate a fee. But, these tools will only facilitate your recovery and/or healing. Everything a sincere person needs to fully understand addiction and to fully transition from addiction to health are indeed free. As are the tools that every partner needs to regain control and stability in their lives. Whether you are here seeking help for your sexually compulsive behavior, a partner seeking insight into the behavior of another, or a couple assessing whether or not your relationship can be rebuilt — the tools you need are here. And they are free.

"But nothing of true value is given away free..."

And while I would argue this point in general, it is to be noted that nothing of value is given away here, either. All that is offered free is information. Completely useless to those who do not use it; life-changing for those who do. In any case, the value was not assigned by us, it was derived through your own action (or lost through your own inaction).

"But still, why free?"

Ok, let's get personal. There was a time in my life when I sincerely needed...and what's more... wanted help. I came to the realization that the hyper-sexualized identity that had developed in my life was little more than a syndrome. That I was not unique — as I had believed — but rather, I was an illusion. And in my own mind, a delusion. In reality, I was but a shell of a human being. On this insight, I committed myself to stopping my behavior...and failed. And failed. And failed. So desperate I had become to end this sexualized existence, I actually held a butcher's knife to my own genitalia trying to convince myself that this would solve my problems. I turned to several professionals who were anything but. And was denied inpatient treatment because I lacked the money to pay them. As part of my own recovery, I made a commitment to myself that if I was ever in a position to help people that were in a similar situation — having lost control of their life and sincerely wanting to change that reality — that I would. And money would never be a factor in their ability to end their addiction.

When I first began RN in 2001, I intended to work specifically with those who were severely addicted...anticipating working with five or so individuals at any given time. Little did I know how extensive this pattern of sexual addiction has become in our society. And how few resources were available for partners. Hence, the workshops were created to lay out the foundation of what people need to know to truly recovery and/or heal...and they continue to evolve based on the community...and they will ALWAYS be free.

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