What is the mission of Recovery Nation?

Our Mission

The mission of Recovery Nation is to provide the most effective information, tools and training available to those seeking to end their destructive sexual and/or romantic behavior. Additionally, to educate those affected by such addictions in the processes of understanding, healing and prevention.

Our Beliefs

We know that the core of sexual addiction is not found in the rapists, stalkers and molesters so horrifically displayed in the headlines, but more so in the loving fathers, mothers, sons and daughters found in every profession, every religion, every economic status and every society.

We believe that when it comes to addiction recovery, achieving abstinence is not enough. Ultimately, recovery is not about behavioral change, it is about making fundamental changes in the way one manages his/her life. It involves a process of altering one's core identity so that a life can be led based on values and healthy life management skills, rather than emotional gratification and deception.

Recovery Nation believes that a healthy, fulfilling life is attainable to anyone committed to ending the destructive patterns associated with sexual and/or love addiction. It is our belief that addiction is not a fate that must be fulfilled, but a pattern that can be changed. That taking responsibility for one's decisions, and taking pride in one's actions is a necessary part of living a healthy, fulfilling life. That making the transition to a healthy life requires the mastering of a series of basic life management skills (e.g. emotional management, decision making, goal setting, prioritization, time management and most importantly, value management). That the effects of addiction on one's core identity evolve from life long patterns of misperception and misinformation, rather than from reality — and so the development of an accurate awareness of ones' core identity is critical to transitioning into a healthy life.

In dealing with the consequences of another's addiction, it is our belief that the first goal of a wounded person is to regain control and balance within their life. We believe that this is best done through emotional awareness, addiction awareness and a mastery of critical life management skills.


The methods currently enacted within this site include the following:

  • Encouraging open, compassionate, constructive communication among the community
  • Discouraging emotional crisis management through posting and online relationships
  • Offering free online, confidential, anonymous workshops that are self-paced and geared towards effecting change
  • Offering free online coaching to assist in the understanding and implementation of workshop materials
  • Offering optional contribution-based coaching packages for those seeking more frequent guidance/instruction/personalized feedback
  • Offering free live community discussions and group trainings
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