Partner's Healing Workshop

Getting Started in Health-Based Healing

The following is a step-by-step path for getting started in Health-Based Healing.

Step One: Choose a Healing Path

One of the first decisions you will make in health-based healing is whether you will be attempting this process by yourself or with professional help. Both options can lead you to regaining control and stability in your life. Take a minute to explore the differences:

Self-Help Path

(Free) All of the tools you need to understand your partner's addiction, explore the consequences of that addiction, repair the damage that has been done and to rebuild your own life stronger than before are here — free. As someone struggling with the impact of another's addiction, you gain full access to all of the workshop lessons, tools and community support that we can offer. In a self-help healing process, you gain access to all of the following:
  • Comprehensive Partner's Workshop
  • All Supplemental Lessons
  • Partner's Community Forum (for community-based feedback)
  • Healing Checklist
  • Healing Manager

Professional Coaching Path — Complete

In addition to gaining full access to everything listed above, you also receive the following:
  • Live Coaching Series (eight personal phone sessions to focus on your personal healing; understanding your partner's addiction, recovery and to explore your role in healing as a couple)
  • Prioritized Coaching in Private Forum (all lesson responses will be reviewed)
  • Audio Coaching Series (to fully understand addiction and the recovery process)

This path is perfect for those who want personalized, prioritized attention throughout their four-month healing workshop. Additionally, it is ideal for those who intend on moving on to the Couple's Healing Program. For more details about Professional Partner's Coaching, click here.

Step Two: Register for Your Path

If you are choosing the Self-Help Path:

You can start the Partner's Healing Workshop straight away by clicking here. Everything along the self-help path is completely free. It is our mission to provide the resources for you to heal from the damage that has been done by another's addiction. We will never charge for access to our workshops.

If you are choosing the Professional Coaching Path

The cost is $499. Click here to register.

Step Three: Begin

If you chose the Self-Help Path:

1. Click to register for the Partner's Community Forum; Healing Checklist & Healing Manager

2. Click to begin the Partner's Healing Workshop

3. Upon receipt of your registration verification via email, create a thread in the Partner's Community Forum and enter your lesson responses for community feedback and self-direction

If you chose the Professional Coaching Path:

1. Click to register for the Partner's Community Forum; Healing Checklist & Healing Manager

2. You will receive a Welcome email that will provide you with your passwords to the Audio Coaching Series and the next steps in scheduling your first coaching session

3. Click to begin the Partner's Healing Workshop

4. Enter your lesson responses in the Private Partner's Forum

5. After the initial coaching session additional sessions will be scheduled as you progress through the workshop

About the Partner's Healing Tools

The following is a brief description of the tools you have available and how they work together to form a cohesive strategy for regaining control and stability in your life.

  • My Healing Checklist

    A database-driven online checklist that allows you to track your progress throughout the healing process — from discovery to healthy detachment. Updated to model the new partner's workshop, it provides those who are unable to timely complete all lessons/tasks the ability to ensure that all lessons/tasks are eventually completed.
  • My Healing Manager

    A database-driven online application that allows you to manage many of the critical tasks involved in working through the trauma of discovering that your partner has a sexual addiction. Here you will keep an evolving account of your current values, goals, priorities, contracts, action plans, health monitoring, etc.
  • The Partner's Healing Workshop

    An 50+ lesson, self-guided workshop that will provide you with the insights necessary for a complete transition from the chaos of the discovery to the stability of health. This workshop involves life consequence analysis, skill development, addiction awareness, emotional mastery and more.
  • Partner's Community Forum

    A community-based support forum to assist you in overcoming obstacles, reinforcing your efforts and/or refining your approach to building a healthy life in the wake of the discovery of another's addiction.
  • Health Monitoring

    An evolution of the life-skills learned in the workshop, health monitoring is used to assist you in combatting common symptoms following obsessions/rumination/irrationality on an ongoing basis.
  • He Danced Alone: Inside the Heart and Mind of the Sex/Love Addict

    The autobiography of Jonathan Marsh, written to educate those with little experience in the sex/love addictions as to just how severe these patterns can become; and for those with severe addictions to the reality that no one is beyond help. That what they are experiencing is a logical pattern (involving illogical behavior), it is not a fate.
  • Recovery Nation Education/Training Newsletter

    This monthly newsletter is sent free to all who request it and provides general education to the sex, love and porn addictions, recovery insights, experiences, updates and community news.
  • Complete Coaching Series

    This is a series of eight personalized coaching sessions to focus on two separate and unique areas of healing: 1) Understanding your partner's addiction/recovery and 2) Rebuilding your life through a values-based approach to healing
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