Recovery Nation's Audio Coaching Series

Recovery Audio Coaching

The following audio coaching sessions were recorded by CoachJon and are based on the professional coaching that accompanies the Recovery Workshop. They should serve you well in both preparing yourself for upcoming lessons, supplementing the lessons you have completed and as a refresher/review from time to time to keep your skills/insights sharp. They are NOT intended as a replacement for the lessons. The insights and examples offered here are above and beyond what is shared in the Recovery Workshop.

This audio series is included in all professional coaching packages. It is also available separately on the Products and Services page. To access the audio files, click on 'LISTEN' and then enter the user name and password given in the security box that appears.

Session Title
Intro Orientation to the Recovery Workshop
Session One Building the Healthy Foundation
Session Two Health Monitoring
Session Three Developing Functional Awareness
Session Four Mapping Rituals
Session Five Measuring Rituals
Session Six Complex Rituals/Chains
Session Seven Assessing Progress/Regression
Session Eight Emotional Maturity/Awareness
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