Recovery Workshop: Lesson Forty-Nine

Health Monitoring III: Evolving Daily/Weekly

To achieve your goal of establishing a natural, ingrained health monitoring is time to evolve your daily monitoring once more. This evolution will serve as your most drastic shift from 'mechanical monitoring' to the desired 'natural monitoring'.

Changing Your Daily Monitoring Process

From this point forward, your daily monitoring should be reduced to no more than three areas that you are actively focusing on developing at any one time. Obviously, that doesn't mean that these are the ONLY areas of your life that you will be developing, only that these are the areas that you are actively seeking out opportunities to develop. This is significantly different than how you began your daily monitoring. Initially, you monitored a wide variety of general life areas. By now, the awareness for those areas should be internalized and so, from now on you will be using your Daily Monitoring as a tool to define those limited areas of development that will require extra attention.

Another change to what you have grown accustomed to is that these focus areas will not remain on your monitoring list for a set amount of days. An area that you determine needs focus one day may be completely satisfied the next. That is okay. In fact, it is desired. For instance, you become aware that your patience is growing short when communicating with your wife. You consider why this may be and conclude that you have begun to take her role as a mom for granted a bit. You also realize that this is in conflict with your existing values and so, you want to focus on re-establishing your respect and admiration for her as a person once more. How you would go about accomplishing this would be a perfect thing to monitor. For how long? A day. Perhaps two. As long as you actually focus on these areas. If you continue to neglect them even while they are on your daily monitoring list, then you have completely missed the point of why such a list exists.

If you find comfort in continuing to document these areas of focus, continue to do so. But it is not necessary. What is necessary is that you are consciously aware of at least one (and no more than three) specific areas of your life that you are seeking to improve on any given day. And on every given day, you take your five minutes or less to monitor your progress in actively developing those areas.

Evolving Your Weekly Monitoring

It is still a bit early to consider moving from weekly monitoring to monthly, but understand that that change needs to happen eventually. For now, you will want to evaluate your initial weekly monitoring list for the following:

1) If an item on this list has provided you with no value over the past month, consider how important it is to you. If it remains a priority, set specific goals that you will accomplish before the next assessment that will allow you to derive some sort of value from this item. For instance, you have listed "Improve meaningful communication with my dad." Over the past month, you have assessed this area and have consistently admitted that you have had no meaningful conversations with him. You will now need to figure out why. Is the goal not realistic? Is the goal too general? Is it not really important to you? You have to figure this out...and adjust the list as necessary. You want your list to reflect those ten to fifteen areas of your life that you deem most important to you.

2) If you have been monitoring something on a daily basis, but feel that what you are monitoring is now ingrained...consider adding it to the weekly assessment. Remember, this weekly monitoring is there to ward off complacency...and many times, you don't realize you are being complacent until it is too late. By mechanically monitoring objective criteria in your life, you can ensure that you address any complacency long before it becomes a threat to your health. For instance, on a daily basis, you had been monitoring: "I will be honest in all of my communication with my wife." After five weeks of focusing on this honesty, you feel fairly comfortable that you have ingrained an awareness of being honest. You remove it from your daily monitoring...which is good. But you should then add it to your weekly monitoring so that you will not become complacent in developing this value. Values can take years to use your weekly monitoring to ensure that this value continues to develop even when it shifts to beyond your daily consciousness.

Lesson 49 Exercise:

At this point, it would be beneficial to get a 'snapshot' of where you are at in terms of overall health. Complete the Sexual Health Assessment you first completed at the start of the workshop. If you are in coaching, your submission will be reviewed by a coach.

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