Recovery Workshop: Lesson Fifty-Six

Practical Decision-Making: Present

You will face many decisions in the coming days, weeks and months that can potentially be greatly influenced by your emotions. Choose a potential compulsive sexual event and assess your decision-making in relation to that event.

Assess for the following:
  1. Will you be aware that a compulsive sexual event is occurring? (at this stage, you should be)
  2. How intense do you anticipate the emotions triggered by this event to be?
  3. At what point in the decision-making process will you look to your values for guidance?
  4. Should you make the decision to act on this sexual event, how long do you anticipate the emotions elicited from the event will last? Hours, days, weeks, years? (e.g. online chatting will provide me with two hours of stimulation)
  5. Anticipate the consequences of your decision to act on the compulsive urge. What consequences might there be if you were caught? If you weren't?
  6. If there are consequences, how intense do you anticipate the emotions elicited from those consequences might be? How long might they last? Hours, days, weeks, years?

When you have completed this assessment of a present compulsive event and feel comfortable with your overall awareness of the event...choose another. Then another. Continue to assess potential compulsive events until the areas that you are assessing become ingrained.

Like the previous lesson, there is no need to document your thoughts. You are getting to a point in the workshop where you need to begin withdrawing from the need for accountability and external feedback; and instead begin to take pride in your own work. Doing things not because you have to; but because you want to. These past two lessons provide excellent opportunities to challenge yourself to begin that separation.

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