The Recovery Workshop

If you are new to the workshop, click on the Workshop Orientation to begin. Otherwise, proceed to Lesson One. Remember that this is a self-directed workshop. Free community support/volunteer coaching is available through the Recovery Forum; paid professional coaching is available directly through our Private Coaching Services located here.

Getting Started
  Workshop Orientation
  What to Expect in an Early Healthy Recovery Process
  Audio: Getting Started in the Recovery Workshop
Stage One: Health
Lesson 1 Building a Healthy Foundation for Change
Lesson 2 Establishing a Vision for Your Life
Lesson 3 The Role of Values
Lesson 4 Prioritizing Your Values
Lesson 5 Value Congruency
Lesson 6 Building Proactive Action Plans I
Lesson 7 Building Proactive Action Plans II
Lesson 8 Understanding Your Partner (Moved to Couple's Workshop)
Lesson 9 Understanding Your Partner’s Needs (Moved to Couple's Workshop)
Lesson 10 Absolute Honesty in Recovery
Lesson 11 Assessing Your Compulsive Behavior
Lesson 12 Assessing Unhealthy Recovery Patterns
Lesson 13 Assessing Healthy Recovery Patterns
Lesson 14 Health Monitoring I
Stage Two: Addiction
Lesson 15 A Healthy Perception of Addiction
Lesson 16 Understanding Addiction I
Lesson 17 Understanding Addiction II
Lesson 18 Understanding Addiction III
Lesson 19 Understanding Addiction IV
Lesson 20 Mastering Your Addiction
Lesson 21 Monitoring Your Recovery Goals
Lesson 22 Measuring Compulsive Behavior
Lesson 23 Practical Uses for Measuring
Lesson 24 Identifying Compulsive Elements
Lesson 25 Identifying Compulsive Rituals
Lesson 26 Developing Compulsive Rituals
Lesson 27 Identifying Compulsive Chains
Lesson 28 Developing Compulsive Chains
Stage Three: Life Skills
Lesson 29 The Role of Emotions
Lesson 30 Values vs Emotions
Lesson 31 Achieving Balance and Stability
Lesson 32 Evolving Practical Values
Lesson 33 Establishing Emotional Maturity
Lesson 34 Emotional Maturity Obstacles
Lesson 35 Health Monitoring II
Lesson 36 The Role of Boundaries
Lesson 37 Identifying Personal Boundaries
Lesson 38 Developing Healthy Boundaries
Lesson 39 Healthy Sexual Boundaries
Lesson 40 Respecting the Boundaries of Others
Lesson 41 Mastering Boundary Awareness
Lesson 42 Mastering Chains and Rituals
Stage Four: Urge Control
Lesson 43 Urge Control I - Awareness
Lesson 44 Urge Control II - Your Core Identity
Lesson 45 Urge Control III - Isolating the Emotions
Lesson 46 Urge Control IV - Isolating the Decision
Lesson 47 Practical Urge Awareness
Lesson 48 Proactive/Reactive Urge Awareness
Lesson 49 Health Monitoring III
Lesson 50 Values-based Decision-Making
Lesson 51 Decision-Making: Identifying Options
Lesson 52 Decision-Making: Isolating the Emotions
Lesson 53 Decision-Making: Making the Decision
Lesson 54 Decision-Making: Accepting/Assessing the Consequences
Lesson 55 Practical Decision-Making: Past
Lesson 56 Practical Decision-Making: Present
Lesson 57 Reactive Action Plans — Overview
Lesson 58 Constructing Reactive Action Plans
Lesson 59 Assessing/Evolving Action Plans
Advanced Development 1 Mentoring & Coaching
Stage Five: Health Maintenance
Lesson 60 Preventing Slips/Relapse
Lesson 61 Managing Slips
Lesson 62 Managing Relapse
Lesson 63 Health Monitoring IV
Lesson 64 Transitioning from Recovery to Health
Lesson 65 Life After Addiction
Lesson 66 Recovery Triggers
Lesson 67 Poly-Addictions and Switching
Lesson 68 Anticipating Anger and Rage
Lesson 69 Victim Awareness: Making Amends
Lesson 70 The Healthy Side of Guilt and Shame
Lesson 71 Maintaining Awareness
Lesson 72 Health Monitoring V
Lesson 73 Leaving Addiction Behind
Advanced Development 2 Supplemental Lessons
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