(Part 1 of the Comprehensive Assessment for Coaching)

Please respond to the following questions with absolute honesty:

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Choose the answer (True or False (T/F) that best represents your response to the following questions:

(For accurate results, you must answer every question)

1. Social settings make me uncomfortable.   
2. I sometimes feel guilty after masturbating.     
3. I would describe myself as a hopeless romantic.   
4. I have never cheated on a romantic partner.     
5. My sexual urges are sometimes hard to control.   
6. I have been described as obsessive by a romantic partner.     
7. I believe I was emotionally neglected as a child.   
8. I have viewed pornography on the internet in the past month.
9. I was physically abused as a child.  
10. Sex should occur only between two people married to each other.      
11. I have masturbated seven times or more in the past week.      
12. I sometimes find physical pain to be sexually pleasurable.      
13. Romantic partners have described me as "too possessive".  
14. I have fantasized about being raped.  
15. I was raised in a very strict household.      
16. I believe I am addicted to sex.     
17. I tend to be a jealous person.    
18. I have engaged in sexual activities with an animal.     
19. I enjoy being sexually stimulated.   
20. I have masturbated more than once in the past year.   
21. The thought of masturbating in a public place excites me.   
22. I am ashamed of past sexual behaviors.     
23. Pornography has had a destructive effect on my life.   
24. I have never been accused of stalking.   
25. I have spent more than four hours in online chat rooms in the past week.   
26. I have seen a young child naked.   
27. I have never had an orgasm with a partner.   
28. My parents were verbally abusive to me.   
29. I have fantasized about raping someone.   
30. Exposing my genitalia to strangers excites me.     
31. I enjoy watching others perform sexual acts.   
32. I have been to a strip club three times or more in the past year.  
33. I fantasize about sex.   
34. My sexual and/or romantic behavior has caused problems at work.  
35. I believe strongly in "love-at-first-sight".  
36. I have had to deal with some terrible things in my life.  
37. Sexually, I think there is something wrong with me.   
38. I have had problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling.  
39. There are times when having sex with someone I care about feels disgusting to me.  
40. It is possible to love someone that you've never met.   
41. I have a secret sexual life that few people, if any, know about.  
42. I am a very romantic person.  
43. I have made romantic/sexual passes at people that I shouldn't have.   
44. I have had sex with someone on the same day that I met them.   
45. I have had sexual thoughts involving children.   
46. I have accepted money for performing sexual acts.    
47. It is wrong to have sex on a first date.  
48. Pictures of sexually graphic material excite me.   
49. Meeting new friends is easy for me.  
50. I have juggled three or more romantic relationships at the same time.     
51. Masturbating is more satisfying to me than sex.   
52. I have intentionally harmed an animal.   
53. Humiliation can be sexually stimulating for me.   
54. I am a recovering sexual addict.     
55. I have masturbated an animal out of curiosity.  
56. I like my sexual partner to be domineering.   
57. I have paid someone to perform sexual acts on or around me.   
58. I have watched others undress without their permission.     
59. I have used threats or coercion to keep others from talking about something I have done.  
60. I have never intentionally stimulated my sexual organs.   
61. One or both of my parents have had sexual problems.   
62. I have never touched a family member in a sexual way.     
63. I have had sex with someone without their permission.   
64. I have sought counseling for emotional or behavioral problems.   
65. I have hid in concealed places to see someone undress.   
66. I have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.     
67. I have been threatened with, or have had a restraining order filed against me.   
68. I have difficulty trusting my romantic partners.   
69. My family has suffered because of my sexual behaviors.  
70. Masturbating is something I look forward to when I'm stressed.   
71. I have had unprotected sex with more than one person in the past five years.   
72. I have had suicidal thoughts due to my sexual behavior.   
73. Using alcohol and/or drugs enhances my sexual experiences.   
74. I have been involved in relationships that my partner or I had wanted to keep secret.  
75. I have participated in sexual acts that are illegal.   
76. I need help controlling my sexual behaviors.   
77. People sometimes misinterpret my friendly romantic gestures.   
78. I have made a conscious effort to control my sexual activity in the past.     
79. Friends ha